HLG advises Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects


Acting as the legal advisor to the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (“KAPP”), Al-Hamad Legal Group (“HLG”) advised KAPP on the tendering of two mega environmental PPP projects in Kuwait: the Umm Al-Hayman Water Waste Treatment Project and the Kabd Municipal Solid Waste Project. On May 3rd, 2018, the Kuwaiti Cabinet approved the procurement of the two Projects.

The two Projects are vital infrastructure projects that will also contribute to enhancing the national economy of Kuwait. The Umm Al-Hayman Water Waste Treatment Project involves the design, financing, building, rehabilitation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance and transfer of wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 500,000 m3/d. The Projects will mitigate the negative impact of the increasing discharge of raw wastewater into the environment by establishing an upgraded and larger capacity WWTP to treat collected wastewater and produce an effluent suitable for landscape irrigation. The Kabd Municipal Solid Waste Project involves the development, design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance, and transfer of the waste to energy facility at the Kabd site in Kuwait. The site will provide a number of services including treatment using incinerators for generating electricity and landfilling the ash from the remains of the incineration. The plant is expected to receive 50 per cent of total municipal solid waste produced in Kuwait.

“To effectively assist KAPP with the successful tender of the first two PPP Projects completed under Kuwait’s new PPP law is a great responsibility and achievement. It gives us an immense sense of pride to be part of this important development in Kuwait,” said Rana Y. Al-Hamad, HLG’s principal.

Ahmad A. Alshorbagy and Linda Al-Hamoud leads Al-Hamad Legal Group’s PPP team advising the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects.

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