VAT goes live in the UAE

Value Added Tax came into force in the UAE on January 1, 2018.  Adrian Low and Rebecca Hilton provide an overview of the new regime and takes a closer look at the key next steps for...


Arbitration & Public Order

Dr. Reyadh Al Kabban and Sara Al Kabban discuss arbitration and the implications of public policy in a standard arbitration setting in the United Arab Emirates.  What is Arbitration? For those of you that are unfamiliar...

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Financial crime risk management: A critical pathway to success

With a heightened focus on financial crime risk management in the Middle East, Eversheds Sutherland shares their insight on why organisations need to adopt an effective approach to this business critical risk. Wherever in the world...


Employers beware!

What measures can organisations take to prevent the unauthorised use or disclosure of confidential information? Key highlights by Nouf Alkhaja in light of the UAE law. Employees access to their employer’s valuable confidential business information, trade...


Running the gauntlet

It is critical for organisations to make wise patenting decisions to protect themselves from gross infringements and costly disputes. Robyn-Leigh Merry elaborates. Intellectual property (IP) in many instances is one of the most valuable assets to...


Pay Day: An introduction to the WPS

DWF’s Shiraz Sethi breaks down the Wage Protection Scheme introduced by the UAE government to improve performance and to provide more efficient services to the public. Around 80 per cent of the UAE’s workforce is made...


Investing in Turkey

Gün + Partners talks about how new developments in Turkey’s economy reignite the appetite for foreign investment into the region. It is without a doubt that countries across Europe and the Middle East have experienced a...


A different approach

Ince & Co’s Brian Boahene and Alexandra Bailey analyse a recent maritime sinking case, raising interesting points of law and procedure in the UAE. The maritime cases often involve interesting issues of general contract law and...

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